Just some random assholes that I stalk everyday.




Just some random assholes that I stalk everyday.





*Sorry, no pic of Ruffalo (Hulk) & Stan Lee

The Avengers as Avenging Angels

9 photos of the Avengers cast (requested by laufeystons)

‘the avengers’ cast of life ruiners at the tribeca film festival in ny, april 28th.




The Avengers London Premiere. {x}




The cast of The Avengers in Moscow

Beautiful amazing people, let me love you. I think The Hiddles is learning from RDJ. LOL.


Do you have any funny stories, either on set or off?
  • HEMSWORTH: Chris [Evans] sent us a text that said, “Avengers assemble at such and such bar, at 9 o’clock on Saturday night.” That was a good group effort. We paid for it at work, the next couple of days.
  • RUFFALO: You should see that group hug.
  • HEMSWORTH: At three in the morning, on the dance floor.
  • DOWNEY: Ruffalo, weren’t you the one throwing the roof parties?
  • RUFFALO: Yeah, that was me.
  • DOWNEY: So, you were the group instigator.
  • RUFFALO: I was the group hugger.
  • HEMSWORTH: I keep getting asked about who was the biggest diva. This was the first time I worked with these guys, and we all are either that well-behaved, or everyone kept each other in check. No one wanted to be the one who screwed it up.
  • RUFFALO: I just remember going to someone’s place with a group of half-naked stuntmen in a hot tub, and Scarlett Johansson standing over them with a giant ladle, making boy soup.

The Avengers cast

The Cast of The Avengers discuss their characters
  • Robert Downey Jr. on Iron Man: "Tony Stark is open to all possibilities and has no problem accepting extraordinary happennings. Joining The Avengers team is an act of curiosity - he wants to see what's happening first-hand. He realized a while ago that he's not an island and this time around he is beginning to understand that it's about a group mindsent and that 'we' is better than 'I.'"
  • Chris Evans on Captain America: "Big parts of Steve Rogers are his good nature, high morals and strong values. Those morals and values were created in a time when people treated each other differently. The level of interaction was a bit deeper. Everything feels one step apart with all of the technology we have now. A lot of the things that he believed in, stood for and loved have changed. They're not gone - they're just different. He's trying to find his footing in a modern world."
  • Chris Hemsworth on Thor: "Thor has more of a personal investment in what's happening than the other Super Heroes becuase Loki is his brother. The bigger conflict for him is that he's trying to protect the greater good, but he has some deep questions about what is going on with his brother."
  • Mark Ruffalo on The Hulk: "This Hulk is mercurial. He's very unpredictable; he's nuanced. There's a sense of humor there; there's an ability to communicate. But he's bristly and he's incredibly dangerous, like a wild animal. His rage feels real; his reactions to things feel human."
  • Jeremy Renner on Hawkeye: "Hawkeye is alone in the game, an outcast and a loner; he’s a lone wolf sort of character, so he’s not a team player, but will be there if needed."
  • Scarlett Johansson on Black Widow: "Black Widow is all business. She’s sort of in a grey area. In a sense she’s been fighting the good fight, despite her dark background. But she’s committed because she has to be and her moral ground is more dutiful. She’s militaristic in that way; that’s how she knows right from wrong."
  • Samuel L. Jackson on Nick Fury: "Nick Fury monitors a lot of things and when he sees a need he generally goes against the grain; he rubs a lot of people the wrong way by taking actions in situations that they don’t necessarily want him to take action in but he does anyway."
  • Cobie Smulders on Maria Hill: "Maria Hill and Nick Fury butt heads constantly. I think that Maria is a little bit more intuitive than Nick. But throughout the course of the film, she realizes that he is involved and he does care, and he is taking the right steps to protect our country and fight the bad guys."
  • Clark Gregg on Phil Coulson: "When you look at the team, it's made up of rock stars and divas with giant muscles and super-powered egos, so somebody has the job backstage to make them all play in the same super band—and that’s what Agent Coulson does."
  • Tom Hiddleston on Loki: "Loki’s villainy is motivated by the fact that he’s damaged and searching for his place in the universe, but in this film he’s a lot more menacing and a lot more powerful. He’s much more self-possessed. He’s also a god, so he’s more powerful than any human."