Oh man, I can’t tell you how much I’ve been waiting for this moment.

So, after TMI Tuesday and my sex toy post did so well, I sat around last week after work and an idea began forming, and then I began calling October “Orgasm Awareness Month,” and then I suddenly had my wallet in my hand. Neeeever a good thing. Except in this case!

I will be giving away to one lucky winner a cornucopia of pleasure: 


  • Bliss Fantasy Collection:

Bunny Bliss vibe

Revelation Personal Lubricant, 4oz

Candy-Licious oral gel, mint flavor

  • Doc Johnson Lucid Dream, 14-speed G-spot vibe
  • California Exotics Butterfly Kiss vibe
  • Neon Bullet vibe
  • Climax Bursts, antibacterial toy cleaner, 4fl oz
  • Tickle Your Fancy: A woman’s guide to sexual self-pleasure, by Sadie Allison

A $150+ value, absolutely free! BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! (Oh god, I’m like the Billy Mays of self-love)

I’m also including a lovely little storage box AND a personal note from me (which is totally what you’re looking forward to the most, right?).


All you have to do is reblog this. You can like this post all you want, but likes will not be counted. Reblogging more than once will not help your chances — let’s keep this fair. No need to follow me, either (unless you want to!). This is pure charity. The best kind of charity. The orgasm charity. 

The contest will close on November 15th. Got that? A month from today (Oct 15)  I will choose a winner at random and send their care package of awesome just in time for the holidays! UPDATE: I will ship it anywhere. This is not limited to US/North America.

Please share this with all your followers and friends! Get ‘em in on the fun. 


  • Over $150 of toys, lube, cleaner, and an awesome book
  • Contest ends November 15th, 2012
  • Reblogs are counted — and reblog this post only once
  • One winner will be chosen at random

So share and reblog, and I’ll see ya’ll a month from now. Good luck!

  • in my history class today
  • some girl: i dont get why guys like lesbian porn so much i mean its weird its not like theres any girls that like gay porn seriously
  • me: sinks down slowly into my chair until i sink through the floor and into the depths of hell